Manfred Weber

Manfred Weber believes that Europe needs to stand united to assert itself on the world stage. He wants to rebuild the bridges between West and East, and North and South.

As Chairman of the largest political Group in the European Parliament since 2014, Manfred has played a key role in making the EPP Group the most united political force in plenary. Under his Group leadership, Parliament has turned many EPP Group proposals into law, such as the PNR directive, the new suspension mechanism for visa-free travel, the recently proposed recruitment of 10.000 additional Frontex border and coast guards and free Interrail tickets for 18-year olds. He won his re-election in 2016 with 98% of the vote.

An engineer by trade, Manfred has established two successful start-up companies. With the values of Christian Democracy as his guide, he has been active in politics from an early age. Deeply rooted in rural Lower Bavaria, he won his first seat in the Bavarian Parliament at the age of 29. Today he is Vice-President of Bavaria’s CSU, the third-largest party in Germany. Manfred lives with his wife in a small village in Lower Bavaria and he is active in various Catholic lay organisations.

As President of the European Commission, Manfred Weber would make as his top priority, bringing people together for a strong, democratic and secure Europe.